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Over at the blog, David Fewer makes note of Sam Bulte’s evolution into a copyright politician (I added some formatting to make it easier to spot the campaign contributors):

Ms. Bulte was first elected in 1997. According to Elections Canada’s candidate contributions and expense reports, her campaign contributions totaled $67,423. Corporate sponsors aplenty, but no big copyright. And, interestingly, I cannot find reference to Ms. Bulte even uttering the word “copyright” until the dying months of that Parliament, when, as a member of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, she asked a few questions in a working sessions on a study of the Canadian book industry. She’d have to have slept pretty hard to avoid talking copyright there.

In the November, 2000, election, Ms. Bulte had managed to scoop up over $81,000 in campaign financing. And now some of the big copyright names are there:

Interestingly, there are a number of other IP intensive industries represented:

[If you’re from Canada and especially Toronto, the name “Apotex” should ring a bell — they’re the drug company that sponsored Dr. Nancy Olivieri’s clinical drug trials and tried to suppress her findings of unexpected risks. — Joey]

And when the 37th Parliament began on January 29, 2001, voila, Ms. Bulte began publicly uttering pro-copyright platitudes. By April 2, 2001, Ms. Bulte stood in the House to “applaud” the initiatives of “the Canadian Association of Broadcasters and its partners, the Canadian Independent Record Production Association and the Canadian Recording Industry Association”. By December 6, 2001, Ms. Bulte was announcing to the House the imminent tabling of a copyright bill. And, on June 18, 2002, Ms. Bulte spoke on third reading of Bill C-48, the Internet retransmission exemption won by broadcasters. A Canadian copyright politician is born.

Her interest in copyright — or more accurately, the misapplication of copyright by corporations — is merely a byproduct of the crowd she’s running with. This is like the kid in high school who went to the UK for three weeks during summer vacation and came back with an accent and calling trucks “lorries”, but with far bigger implications.

For the greater good (and for your enjoyment as well), I’ve bookended this blog entry with a couple of modified Sam Bulte graphics that you can freely post on your websites, blogs or print out and turn into signs or stickers. Enjoy!

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We should googlebomb this entry to push it to the top entry for “Sam Bulte”

Oh, and have you seen the letter posted on the front glass of She Said Boom! on Roncesvalles? Awesome.

I’d like to take a look at her family computer, i’ll bet that her kids have a bunch of downloaded songs/movies – what a news story that would be!

Looking for songs/movies may not show up as many problems as looking at the software. I’ve experienced a lot of inconsistencies with some of these extremists, wanting to circumvent computer security in order to protect music but not being aware of software copyright.

I’m a Free/Libre and Open Source Software developer who doesn’t have to worry about such silliness, but does have to worry about when Bulte’s friends try to hide their own infringement of copyright behind technical measures that digitally enforce contracts that would be legally unenforceable and/or illegal.

Russell McOrmond

Let’s get together and fund Michael Geist’s presence at that dinner. If it is an open event, then he’d be welcome! Well, maybe not welcome but he couldn’t be denied.

Paul N.

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