In Which We Pull Out 2004’s Election Slogan

Guile hit it on the nose during the 2004 federal election, and his statement applies doubly this time around:

“I think the Liberals need to take a time out, stand in the corner and think about what they’ve done.”

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I was very proud of the last election.

We were pissed at the Liberals and we punished them with a minority government.

As of late, I think we’ve seen that a minority isn’t working.

Instead of governing, they’re just fighting like petulant children.

Every government has mistakes, corruption and cover-ups.

It’s the nature of the beast.

If only there was a Canadian Larry Flint to offer up oodles of cash to people to narc out the other parties, then we’d have a level playing field.

I think the major thing is that we need a majority government.

Up until Jack Layton’s “I’m here and now I’m there” flip, I was seriously considered voting for him, in spite of the fact that it more than likely is a throw-away. I am angry at Jack. Flip-flopping for political gain threw away all the clout he’d gained lately.

If John Tory were the Conservative leader, then that could sway me.

Yes, I’m disappointed with the Liberals,

but I’d rather the devil I know then the devil I don’t.

I’m resigned to vote Liberal.

… but the most exciting thing is that we now have the opportunity to drive the final coffin nails into Stephen Harpers political career.

Seize the day!


The only question is: who is going to come out of the corner…

Maybe it’s time for a minority conservative government but that thought scares me.

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