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Here Comes the Wikipimpslap (or: Recent Edits to Sam Bulte’s Entry)

A user going by the name Nick Dillinger made the first edit to Recording Industry puppet / Parkdale-High Park MP Sarmite “Sam” Bulte’s Wikipedia entry (click here to see the specific revision), shown below. The change, a single line, has been highlighted:

She also stands for draconian copyright laws and recieves heavy contributions from the Canadian Entertainment industries.

Could someone with a little more time than I do right now do some editing and simply state the facts? Although I agree with th that last line and also find it amusing, I believe that it breaks Wikipedia’s “neutral point of view” rule.

One reply on “Here Comes the Wikipimpslap (or: Recent Edits to Sam Bulte’s Entry)”

The childish behavior is also happening in Meatspace.

The Bulte ad in the TTC stop/booth on Ronces. and Geoffrey has also been defaced.

Someone drew a dollar sign over her mouth.

Will someone please verbally slap these children?

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