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Chanukah, Night Seven: Remixing Gangsta Culture

The dirtbags behind the shirt pictured on the left have borrowed the slogan “Stop Snitchin'” from the movie of the same name (note: the reviewer to whom I link is a complete idiot). “Stop Snitchin'” is part of an underground campaign led by drug dealers and members of gangs to scare anyone from reporting their activities to the police. The subtext of the message: snitches will need stitches.

Unaware of the irony, the vendors of the shirts claim that “Stop Snitchin'” is free speech, even though that free speech is being used to
silence others. Boston mayor Thomas Menino has announced a plan to have the city confiscate the shirts from stores, and the ACLU has opposed this plan, claiming that the shirts are protected speech. In my opinion. A couple of Boston vendors, after having spoken with the Mayor, have taken the shirts off their inventories.

While I do not recommend the purchase of a “Stop Snitchin'” t-shirt, I heartily recommend the Jewish remix: “Stop Kvetchin'”! They’re on sale at CafePress.

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Love the shirt! However, shouldn’t it be a blue star of David, rather than a yellow star? The yellow has a bit of a Yom Ha’Shoah/”1940’s European” feel, don’t you think?


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