Manigong Bagong Taon!

That’s “Happy New Year!” in Tagalog.

I wrote this post hours before midnight and set it to automatically appear at the start of the new year. I’ll at my friend Liz’s house party at midnight, so please accept these in absentia wishes. Have a good one!

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Been on top of it for a while!

Blogware has been vlog-capable for the longest time: you can inlcude videos as “enclosures” within blog entries. Making a Blogware blog a “vlog” is simple a matter of the blog’s author posting video rather than text entries.

Tell you what — later tonight (Toronto time) I’ll post a video entry from the new year’s eve party I attended last night to demonstrate vlogging in action.

I know it is all simply web hosting so why the big deal over vlogging vs. blogging?

I look forward to seeing the video.


My concern is if the avergae Joe is looking for a blog and he visits Bloware’s website, he won’t see anything about a Vlog and he may look elsewhere for service.

If you take yourself out of your tech mind and into that of a simpleton, you can see it.

Of course, this is all speculation that Vlogs will boom in 2006 but if they do, it only seems sensible that Bloware would add a “Vlog capable” note on to their website.


(actually an ex-spammer but I was good in my day and proud of it)

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