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Seen at the Pacific Mall

Up in the northeast outskirts of Accordion City is the Pacific Mall, which proudly declares itself “North America’s Largest Indoor Asian Mall”. If you’re looking for good food, anime and Hong Kong cinema DVDs, cell phone accessories, a hair salon that can spike your hair properly, every known flavour of Pocky and some decent competition for Dance Dance Revolution, Pacific Mall is the place to be!

Wendy and I went to the Pacific Mall with Deenster, Chris, Deenster’s sister Lisa (who’s visiting from Tel Aviv), Rich and Elana last Saturday. We enjoyed some dim sum at the upstairs restaurant Golden Regency and also did some window shopping, where we saw these:

The “Five Life Principles” Cup, which advises you: “Don’t get angry. Don’t rush. Don’t be bossy. Don’t be grumpy. Don’t give up.”

WAR ABSOLUTE BEING BATTLEPLAN. I think they mean “battle plane”. It also sounds like the sort of cheer that they’d make up for Japanese baseball teams.

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You have to be careful about those pirated DVDs. I got some and it may not run in your DVD player, especially if you have a North American DVD player. But it will run on Asian DVD players, you can get a cheap one at Pacific Mall for like $80. Or, you can just use your computer’s DVD drive to play those DVDs.

Pacific Mall is nice, it’s like Hong Kong in Toronto, and it’s really packed.

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