Accordion Guy Advent Calendar, Day Twenty: My Two Favourite Comics on the Subject

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One reply on “Accordion Guy Advent Calendar, Day Twenty: My Two Favourite Comics on the Subject”

I’m an observant Jew, and I’d rather people not say Happy Holidays in an attempt to be inclusive. We all know what holiday is being celebrated. If not for Christmas, the minor holiday of Chanukah would not be elevated to such high importance. We all know what holiday is behind the Holiday Party, the Holiday Concert, the Holiday Dinner. Only people who know I am Jewish acknowledge the Jewish holidays throughout the rest of the year, but because of Christmas everyone must be wished Happy Holidays? Many gentiles become misinformed. If I am wished Merry Christmas, I am offended that the well-wisher did not think about the fact that not everyone observes this holiday, but at least the person is not being silly about what holiday is being celebrated, and I can say, “Thank you, but I do not observe that holiday. If you do, however, I wish you a good one.” When I am wished Happy Holidays, I am simply offended. Where is the inclusivity from the same general public during the important Jewish holidays? During important holidays neither Christian nor Jewish? To me, Happy Holidays is just another way to try to apply Christmas to everyone, because of course since it is the Christmas season, many are led to understand, everyone must have a very important, Christmas-related holiday at this time. Umm, how many religions are out there? Call Christmas Christmas, because that’s what it is. Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays, after all. The issue ought not to be making Christmas inclusive but rather realizing that not everyone observes the holiday and refraining from acting as if everyone does. So call Christmas Christmas, but be extra thoughtful (as is Accordion Guy) and realize Merry Christmas isn’t a greeting to be said automatically to everyone.

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