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Which Canadian Election Candidate Matches You?

Joi Ito, in his IRC channel, #joiito, pointed to this CBC test that attempts to determine which Canadian federal election candidate aligns most closely with you.

It presents the four major political parties’ positions on twelve

issues, but the identities removed. In the quiz, you select “agree” or

“disagree” on each point, and at the end, each candidate is listed,

along with the points on which you agree and disgree with him.

How’d it work out for me? Pure centrist: the candidates with whom I agreed most were the Conservatives’ Stephen Harper (12 issues) and the NDP’s Jack Layton (12 issues).

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Didn’t they do this in the last election as well?

Anyways: Looks like you have to decide who you want to give your vote for…. Being between chairs and all.

Did you notice that up to a million Canadians can’t do the quiz for their chosen party? Such a good service to the public.

I expect so too. I believe the Green Party now belongs on all simple polls, etc. Canada is now a 5-party kind of place. (Or is that Party of Five?)

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