Heh. I’m "Sensible and Shrewd". Mom would be proud.

From Lesson X — “Races of Man” — of Mrs. M.B. Moore’s book, The Geographical Reader for the Dixie Children:

The men who inhabit the globe, are not all alike. Those in Europe and

America are mostly white and are called the Caucasian race. This race is civilized, and

is far above the others. They have schools and churches and live in fine style. They

also generally have wise and good men for rulers, and a regular form of government. The

women are treated with respect and tenderness, and in many cases their wish is law among

their male friends.

There is a class of people who inhabit most of Asia which is of a yellow color. They

are a quiet, plodding race, but when educated are sensible and shrewd. They

have some books, and a regular form of government, but they are heathen; I mean

by this that they worship images made of wood and stone. They do not know about

Jesus. And yet they pray to those idols much oftener than we christians do to our

Savior. This race is called the Mongolion. Missionaries have

been sent to teach them

about Jesus. When they every become converted, they hold fast their profession, and

are not fickle like some races.

The African or negro race is found in Africa. They are slothful and vicious, but

possess little cunning. They are very cruel to each other, and when they have want they

sell their prisoners to the white people for slaves. They know nothing of Jesus, and the

climate in Africa is so unhealthy that white men can scarcely go there to preach to them.

The slaves who are found in America are in much better condition. They are better fed,

better clothed, and better instructed than in their native country.

I must say, it reads rather like Steve Sailer’s site in places.

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