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Hallowe’en Costumes 2005

Here’s what I wore to Kickass Karaoke on Sunday: “Indigo Girls Fan”.

Wendy says that if you took away the cowboy hat, collar and leash, this

was the sort of thing she wore all through high school:

Wendy and I joined my sister, brother-in-law and nephews yesterday for their Hallowe’en run, which took place in their Kingsway

neighbourhood, on a street heavy with young families. Some of the

houses went all-out, with giant inflatable jack-o-lanterns, faux

gravestones and smoke machines. Some of the houses did such a good job

at being scary that my nephews Aidan (age 4) and Nico (age 2) 

refused to go anywhere near them.

Here’s Aidan, in his “George Shrinks in his zip-car” costume.

Nico went as Thomas the Tank Engine:

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