"Western Standard" Writing Contest

Comic: Panel from the October 3, 2005 'Achewood'.

The Western Standard, a Canadian conservative magazine, is hosting a writing contest:

Do you have a hot news story that you’d like to write about? Or maybe a strong opinion about something in the news?

Well, now’s your chance. Enter the Western Standard’s writing contest,

and you could win cash prizes – and have your work published in our


You’d better enter soon – there are thousands of dollars in cash prizes

up for grabs, and EVERYONE who enters gets a free, year-long

subscription to the magazine, too – a $75 value! (If you already have a

subscription, you can give the extra one to a friend.)


got a boatload of technical articles to write, so I’ll probably be a

bit too busy to put in a submission. In case you were looking to make

some extra cash and a brand new writing career, you may want to consult

its blog, The Shotgun,

for some writing tips. As a service, here are some more jumping-off

points for articles that should curry favour with the judging panel:

  • Darth Vader: That Liberal Pussy
  • “That Colby Cosh Feller Looks A Little Liberal Sometimes Too. Keep a 28-Gauge Trained On Him.”
  • “And once all the CBC employees are back at work, that’s when we set off the fertilizer bomb”
  • Holy shit, you mean Swift’s A Modest Proposal Was Satire?
  • Ruhipnol + Texas Dating Sites = Green Card, Here I Come!
  • Ontario Must Be Destroyed
  • Quebec Too
  • Oh Yeah, The Darkies, Too
  • And While We’re At It, The Homos
  • And Did We Mention CBC Employees?

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