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The Official Photos are Available!

The official photos (taken by Joe Demb) for the best damned wedding ever are now available online. Friends, family, guests and extremely curious strangers can pruchase prints online too!

Photo: Joey and Wendy enter the reception.

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These photos are very mediocre and unflattering. Hell, worst wedding photos I’ve ever seen. I hope you didn’t pay too much. I wouldn’t pay penny for that kind of work. Really, man. Now you need to request services from these guys.

I just pray you got professionally done portraits of this wonderful event. The guy who did these out-of-focus, dirty-lighting-with-broken-covers-and-beige-brick-walls-on-the-background photographs has absolutely no taste.

I’d do a wedding party all over again if I were given these “art creations”. I swear!

Honestly. Put that wedding dress back on, grab your hubby and professional photographer and head to UofT, Casa Loma or Dufferin Park while it’s still green and sunny. Do a couple of portraits to show your children. Your hair will play beautifully against the autumn gold.

Anonymous Coward out.

P.S. God! What camera did this guy use? The one he found in the box of cereal?

Personally, I think the photos are fine, and we’ve got Rannie’s photos coming as well (they look great). The wedding has come and gone, we had an amazing time, and all you’re doing is annoying my wife, an action to which I take great umbrage.

You can take up the photo critique with me personally via email — I’m not particularly irked by the critique — but I strongly recommend that your next comment contain the words “Wendy, I’m sorry. Hope you had a great time.”

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