Canadian 80’s Flashback

Today’s a bit of a busy day for me, so in lieu of the standard-issue scintillating post, here’s a gift from the 1980’s Canadian Rock archives: Wind Him Up [8.0MB, MP3] by Saga. 

Saga were David Hasselhoff before David Hasselhoff: almost unnoticed in their own home country, a big hit in Germany. Wind Him Up is one of their best known songs and had an unusual topic — gambling addiction.

This one goes is dedicated to good ol’ Will Horne from Science ’91 (where I am listed as “professional eccentric” on the “Where are they now” page), who constantly played Saga on his stereo in our Crazy Go Nuts University residence, Leonard Hall, back in first year.

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As I recall Wind Him Up was the first rock song to utilize a new synth drum kit the size of a briefcase (the drum solo in the middle was from this)

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