I’m Enjoying This Album

Photo: Album cover of Kanye West's 'Late Registration'.

Funny, that’s exactly what I looked like at Crazy Go Nuts University.

Late Registration is a good follow-up to College Dropout

(and hey, two album titles I can sympathize with!*), which I have also

recently purchased. It’s a perfect companion to Common’s album Be, another excellent hip-hop album released this year.

(* Special message to my in-laws: Long story. Not as bad as it sounds. I’ll gladly tell all at dinner when I come down to Boston.)

If you’d rather take some music critic’s word over mine, see Rolling Stone’s review, The Guardian’s review and Pitchfork’s review.

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I just bought the album on the strength of the Pitchfork review and my music pimps earlier recommendation. “Addiction” is so far the funniest/saddest (and best) song on the album.

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