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How Things Are

It’s a gorgeous and sunny-but-cool day here in Accordion City, and although there’s lots to do at work, things are going nicely both in terms of my own productivity and today’s trading…

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Aside from the glorious airborne bovine, the fellow on the catwalk there is posing: leaning against billboard, hip cocked. Yeah, you’re hot stuff.

Thanks Joey for all your help. Guys like me are making $10,000-$20,000 a day on this puppy right now. That certainly could change but thanks for letting us pound IR through your blog.

I’ll send you a present when I sell my shares. The package will be from Bangkok just to tip you off.

Also, I posted my other comment on the wrong article. I didn’t realize you had this up.

When we get the yahoo TCX message board running, I’ll bring many more to you here.


my other post:

Why not write an article on Mark Cuban buying millions of shares of Tucows over the past few months? He owns nearly 10% of Tucows now. Are we talking about the Dallas Mavericks and Tucows merging? lol

But RCOM is also a very big holding for Cuban.


I see it now. Joey deVilla, Technical Community Development Coordinator for

or maybe

Joey deVilla, Technical Community Development Coordinator for the Dallas Mavericks

This whole jump in the stock is all related to Mark Cuban but the AMEX listing also legitamized the company too. Let’s see how far we go.

Any validity to the story below Joey? Maybe Elliot can weigh in. Looks sketchy to me.

Lisbon – A source from said today that will launch a takeover to TUCOWS INC ., will notifie next friday the Portuguese National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) that it was willing to waive the condition of a 75% minimum acceptance level to which its public offer for the acquisition of TUCOWS INC shares was subject, taking into consideration that the response received will be sufficient to develop the business project pursued through the takeover bid. will launch a takeover bid for TUCOWS INC with the payment of $2.75 US for each of the that responded to the tender offer, this initial offer could reach the limit of price of $3.15 USD for each share of the company.

By the way Joey, do you have any interest in living in Portugal with your future bride?

I’m aware only of’s announcement, but have no additional information about it.

Joey, are you saying the story is NOT bogus?

It would actually be, correct? Because does not exist.

I think it is bogus. That iwas posted at a forum. If a stock holder did that, they’ll get nailed by the SEC.

So are you saying the announcement did in fact OFFICIALLY take place?

Lisbon’s a pretty sweet town, but making any moving plans at this juncture is a tad premature.

I am only aware that the announcement exists on a message board. I’m not qualified to comment on its veracity, but strongly urge investors to “do the legwork” and take every such pronouncement with a grain of salt.

Besides, hasn’t every other anonymous commenter coming over from Raging Bull claimed with certainty that we’re merging with/getting taken over by someone else?

Please note: I am the Technical Community Development Coordinator. I have access to all kinds of information about the technical aspects of the Tucows platform and technical aspects of the internet and software industry at large. Although I made sure I took as many business courses at Crazy Go Nuts University’s excellent School of Business, I am not an expert on the market, nor am I privy to a lot of the decisions that take place at the director level of the company. Even if I were, I have signed non-disclosure agreements that would prevent me from talking about such things.

The bottom line: the most useful information you can glean from me is going to be related to technical and practical aspects of the Tucows platform. Use it — in conjunction with a lot of other information to make your investment decisions. Investing solely on what is in this blog is — shall we say — strongly inadvisable.

It looks like quite a few of us have filed complaints with the SEC over that posting. That can certainly get you in big trouble if you are a shareholder doing those kinds of things.

It is flatly bogus. Similar postings from the past were found on the same site claiming buyouts of other companies but none of them have ever come to fruition.

$2.75-$3.15 seemed too high anyway.

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