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I’m Not Alone…

Photo: IKEA Expedit bookshelf.

Construction of my new IKEA “Expedit” bookshelf is not going as

planned. Wendy and I were doing just fine until step 11, not far from

the end: attaching the right side. Getting the pegs to line up is a

chore, and I suspect a third set of hands might come in handy. I’ve

assembled IKEA furniture since getting my first set in 1980, and this

is the only one to ever confound me (not counting those which had

missing pieces).

I’m not alone: the number one Google result for the words “IKEA” and “Expedit” is this open letter from an Expedit purchaser.

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I had EXACTLY the same problem when I put my Expedit together! Somehow my dad figured it out – no idea how though, so I can’t give you any advice. Good luck!


I usually employ such additional tools as hammers, drills and jumping up and down on the product to my Ikea builds…and it’s usually around instruction #11. No, they never look like the floor model, but they function until I have to move!


Yes, lining up the holes is a little annoying and they seem to have varying amounts of friction, but one thing you can do is pre-tap a dowel into each hole. Other than that, it’s just some good old elbow grease. Use your hip or the top of your knee to bash it together.

I thought that sarcastic customer service letter was just pathetic (why bother wasting your time?).

And our shelf looks fantastic (laminate veneer aside, but you get what you pay for; at least the veneer is dark enough in the black-brown version to hide the fake wood grain).

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