Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me Music

Because This Blog’s Been a Little Lacking in Shameless Self-Promotion Lately

Photo: Joey deVilla plays accordion at the OPML meetup on Tuesday,

  August 2, 2005.

Click the picture to see the video (26MB,


Brian McKechnie pointed me to this video [26MB,

QuickTime] that he shot of my Baby One More Time performance at the end of

last week’s OPML


Thanks, Brian!

The accordion and I will be at Thursday’s TechTV

Meetup, which takes place at No Regrets, deep in “the dingy alleys of Toronto’s Porn

District”, Liberty Village

2 replies on “Because This Blog’s Been a Little Lacking in Shameless Self-Promotion Lately”

Joey, don�t worry about the self-promotion. As early as next week, your blog and your life could easily get turned upside down if the Mark Cuban rumors are true. Let me feel you in. In early July, Mark Cuban revealed he owned a substantial stake in which he said is a “strategic” investment related to another investment (he is an owner of another domain name registrar named Tucows).

Well, last week was bought out by a private company but this week Mark Cuban vowed to stop the takeover. At the same time, Tucows has issued an IPO and rumors are flying that Cuban is stepping up to the plate to purchase a big chunk of the available stock.

All this points to a buyout of Tucows or some sort of merger with being the major player.

So don�t settle into your new apartment to comfortably. There could be some big changes coming your way.

We�ll know next week.

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