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Last Night’s OPML Meeting

  • Last night’s OPML Meeting, in almost an outline format
    • Discussed
      • The Air France crash
      • OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language)
      • Dave’s OPML editor
      • Blogging using the OPML editor
      • Creating an outline using the provinces of Canada (including Florida as a province)
      • Collaborative outling (a.k.a. intsant outlining)
      • I recorded most of the meetup — I’ll post it once I’ve had a chance to convert it into MP3.
    • Post-Meeting
      • Closing song on accordion: Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time.

        (Those of you who know me well will probably say “What, again?”. I’m

        working on expanding the repertoire, folks.) This was a mostly new

        audience, so they haven’t heard me do it a million jillion times yet.

      • Post-gathering dinner
        • At the Liberty Street Cafe.
        • My thanks to them — the kitchen typically closes at 9:15

          on Tuesday, but I phoned ahead and explained; they kept the kitchen

          open later just for us. Kudos!

        • Appetizers: warm brie-and-raspberries platter and fried

          calamari with a nice spicy sauce. My dinner: the salmon with lobster

          mashed potatoes. Tasty stuff!

        • Another accordion-powered incident: the waitress,

          Genevieve, is trying to start a cabaret and is looking high and low for

          an accordionist (“Are you a professional accordionist?” she asked, to

          which I replied, “No, I’m an amateur.) I’ll audition anyway.

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And I had a divine time, Joey! Thanks so much!

You forgot to mention that you came up with the uber brilliant idea of cross referencing Google Maps with Sausage Party…fantastic!

The two fine gentleman from Toulouse, France were sitting on my end of the table. They were Harvey (pronounced ‘Arvay’) and Matthew (pronounced ‘Matieux’). They were lovely.

I look forward to more meetups and I really look forward to meeting Michael O’Connor Clarke! There will be a Cookout in Accordion City!

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