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My thoughts and prayers  go out today to the people of London, as well as their family and friends.

My current landlord, Julian, a really stand-up guy, lives in London

with his girlfriend Beth. I’ve sent them some email letting them know

that we the house called “Big Trouble in Little China” are hoping that

he and his are safe and sound.

I’d bet that Tom Reynolds, author of the blog Random Acts of Reality

is going to have long long shifts in the coming days. Not only is he a

really great guy whom I had the pleasure of meeting at my birthday

party in November, he’s also a great storyteller whose crazy urban

tales come from his job as a driver in the London Ambulance Service.

He’s unharmed and has blogged a couple of entries since the bombings in

London. The next couple of days may be rough for him, so if you drop by

his blog, please be sure to leave him some kind words in his comments.

A Great Personal Ad in as Few Words as Possible

It’s not quite the six-word novel that Hemingway supposedly wrote to win a bar bet (it’s supposed to have gone “For

sale: baby shoes. Never used.“), but this Craigslist personal ad in the

“missed connections” section still says so much using so little:

You…being shoved in the back of a squad car… – m4w – 27

I shouted “fuck the police”…you made the black panther fist. You got

tasered, I got goosebumps. Your hair is very pretty. Let’s chat.

It Happened to Me Music

One Letter Can Make a Big Difference

While walking down Queen Street a couple of weeks ago, I passed a couple of girls, both with acoustic guitars, strumming some chords. I recognized them and nodded in their direction, and one of them motioned for me to come and talk.

“Hey,” she asked, “we’re trying to settle an argument and since you know all these old songs, maybe you’ll know.”

Since she was in her mid-to-late teens and knew of my accordion repertoire, I guessed that by “old” songs, she meant songs from the eighties, when I was her age.

“I can try. What’s the argument about?”

“You know that band with the old chicks, the Indigo Girls? They have a song, Closer to Fine?”

(Wendy would scream if she’d heard the Indigo Girls being called “old chicks”.)

“Sure. They always played it in the pub after graduation at Queen’s [better known as Crazy Go Nuts University].”

“I say the from the song is ‘I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper and I was free’. She says the word is prostate.”

After I finished laughing, I said “Prostrate! Pros-TRRRATE! Like this…”, and I made the Wayne’s World “We’re Not Worthy!” gesture.

I then added, “I don’t think the Indigos — or half their fans — have been anywhere near a proSTATE.”

Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me Music Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Sci-Fi Burlesque!

I’ll be performing a couple of vaudeville numbers at the upcoming Girlesque burlesque show taking place this Friday evening at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street West,

at the corner of Queen and Dufferin). This one’s got a theme that

should be pleasing to all you geeks out there: Science Fiction!

Photo: 'Girlesque' poster for the July 8th show.

I did a rehearsal with performers Penny Whistleton, Mysterion the Mind Reader

and The Wolfman, and the songs that Wolfie wrote are spot-on sci-fi and

absolutely hilarious! If you’re seeking out-of-the-ordinary

entertainment, this Friday’s burlesque show (featuring Yours Truly)

might be just what the doctor ordered!


$10 Podcast for a Good Cause

Boss Ross has assembled a special edition Random Bytes podcast with lots of good music by Grady (new band featuring the Big Sugar frontman), Sleater-Kinney, The Black Keys, Jackpot, Xstereo,

Ghetto Pony, Velvet Revolver, Joe Canada & Five Iron Frenzy.

In exchange for all this good music, Ross is asking that you follow the

“Make a Donation” link and sponsor him for $10 for the 840 km (522

miles) Tour for Kids ride to

raise money for the Cancer Camps for Children. In Canada, 1,400

children are diagnosed with cancer every year and another 10,000 are

already living with cancer or its long-term effects. The Cancer Camps

for Children give these kids the support they need so that they won’t

be left out of summer camp fun.

Download the podcast, make a donation and enjoy the music!

It Happened to Me

Quick Update

I flew in from Boston early this morning, dropped the bridemaid’s dress

I picked up at my sister’s house, picked up some boxes for moving and

dashed off to work. Full story later, which will include: