A Great Personal Ad in as Few Words as Possible

It’s not quite the six-word novel that Hemingway supposedly wrote to win a bar bet (it’s supposed to have gone “For

sale: baby shoes. Never used.“), but this Craigslist personal ad in the

“missed connections” section still says so much using so little:

You…being shoved in the back of a squad car… – m4w – 27

I shouted “fuck the police”…you made the black panther fist. You got

tasered, I got goosebumps. Your hair is very pretty. Let’s chat.

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Best (or, at least, most effective) personal ad I’ve ever heard of appeared in the New Times, our local alternative weekly, some years ago.

Just two words — “MISTER WRONG” — and a box number.

Son of a bitch got over four hundred responses.

— Bruce A.

My favorite from the Twin Cities City Pages: “Friday: you, in ER waiting room at HCMC. Me, drunk, tied to gurney. Want to get together for a drink?”

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