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Me on CTV News Last Night

Photo: Still from Joey deVilla's interview on CTV News, June 8, 2005.

Smoothest Asian on TV since Mr. Sulu! Click the photo to see the high-definition video or here to see the low-definition video.

I did an interview with CTV News yesterday for a David Akin piece on

upcoming changes to Canada’s copyright laws. I was the “Internet user”,

copyfighting lawyer Michael Geist was the legal voice of reason, Jay Thomson of the Canadian Association of Internet Providers was the technical voice of reason and Graham Henderson of the Canadian Recording Industry Association was the Sith Lord.

The story is summarized on this web page, and if you’d like to see the piece, here are a couple of links:

Yes, that is a “Snoop Doggy Dogg” mechanic’s shirt I’m wearing, and yes, I wore it just for the interview.

The piece closes with me, delivering a pretty nice off-the-cuff quip. I am the sound-bite king! I can do anything!

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