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Sex Advice from Accordion Players!

Patrick Lee pointed me to this Nerve story (some of the ads on the page might not be safe for work): Sex Advice from Accordion Players!

Photo: Sex Advice From Accordion Players.

My only complaint about the article is that they didn’t invite me to contribute!

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Why not contribute here? Answer the following:

What’s the best music for putting you in the mood?

What’s the hottest non-porn movie to impress a date with?

How has being an accordion player improved your sexual technique?

Is there a type of girl that goes for accordion players?

How much masturbation is too much masturbation?

What’s a good way to get someone up to your apartment?

What’s a first-date dealbreaker?

What’s the best thing anyone has ever done to you in bed?

Notice the absence of bellows? You probably blow into that nozzle thing on the top, like a melodica…

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