Buy a Ring and Give This Dude a Break

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If you’re looking for an engagement ring, you may want to check out

this eBay auction for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s a pretty

nice, understated and elegant ring:

Engagement ring for sale -- see

More importantly, the guy who’s selling it could stand to have a

little good fortune. Here’s an excerpt from his story, taken straight from his auction


Since we had been ring shopping before, I knew I had picked out the

exact type of ring that she wanted and I thought she would be thrilled.

I thought she would finally be happy that we were officially going to

get married.

However, she seemed troubled and after asking her a few questions, she

blurted out that she was upset about the ring. She was upset that the

ring wasn’t from tiffany’s and was only 1 ct. instead of 2. I told her

I had planned on getting 2 cts but I couldn’t afford it. She then

accused me of putting a price on our relationship and couldn’t believe

that I did not get a 2 ct stone. She was pissed.

Yee-ouch. The full story, in all its painful detail, is on the eBay auction page.

I once had a girlfriend who secretly referred to me as “the Bank of

Joey”, so I have a rough idea of how this poor guy’s feeling. If you’re

in the market for engagement blingery, give this guy’s auction a look, won’t you?

4 replies on “Buy a Ring and Give This Dude a Break”

My wife’s ring was cubic zirconia, and she knew it. She married me anyway.

Yikes indeed. Poor guy. Well, at least the man can take comfort in the fact that he’s been spared a relationship that wasn’t set to last.

Liz here. That’s what my wedding ring looked like. Darn. The engagement ring was different.

When my lovely bride and I discussed wedding rings (back in our grad-student days before becoming elementary school teachers), she said “screw getting a diamond — lets put a down payment on a house”.

That was 18 years ago and we’ve leveraged that down payment on a townhouse into a 2,500 sq. ft. Pacific-NorthWest-style cedar house on 14 acres of forested mountainside.

Worked for me. YMMV.

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