Even More Paul Anka Wrongness

I found some more Paul Anka goodies (see this entry for his cover of The Cure’s Love Cats)! Richard Cheese, you’ve got some serious competition now!

  • Hello, originally performed by Lionel Richie [4.8 MB, MP3]
  • Jump, originally performed by Van Halen [3.4 MB, MP3]

  • Wonderwall, originally performed by Oasis [3.4 MB, MP3]

3 replies on “Even More Paul Anka Wrongness”

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with these, although some work better than others. “Love Cats” and “Jump” are the best from this bunch. Wasn’t “Jump” *always* kind of loungy in its way?

I’ve read that “Blackhole Sun” (pace Soundgarden) is also very good.

And Joey plays the accordion after all — who is he to say what’s musically right or wrong?!? ;-P

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