Thunder from Down Under

Yeah, while the Outback Steakhouse

is a bit on the cheesy side, it’s a restaurant that to which we can

take my nephews (ages 2 and almost-4). Besides, the “Bloomin’ Onion” is

pretty good, as is the “Chocolate Thunder from Down Under”, despite the

fact that it sounds like a colloqiual term for “explosive diarrhea”…

Comic: User Friendly.

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The above comic from User Friendly may seem silly, but similar incidents have happened in

real life. I know of at least two people who ordered a “grande latte”

in Italy only to be surprised when they got a large glass of milk.

Bonus reading material: An Aussie in America writes about her impression of the Outback Steakhouse.

One reply on “Thunder from Down Under”

Thunder Down Under is also the name of a all-male strip show in Las Vegas.* That’s what I always think of when I hear Outback Steakhouse commercials.

*Not that I’ve been but the thing is advertised all over the Strip.

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