Because One is Superstition Treated as Seriously as Horoscopes and the Other is Superstition and Human Rights Violations Treated as Scientific Fact, Kathy

Kathy “Relapsed Catholic” Shaidle, whose knickers are so often in a knot that she should really switch to AntiPantis (now there’s a mental image), is annoyed at the the differences between the way Disney runs the Hong Kong and American theme parks:

“By contrast, look at what happens in the United States. At the Epcot Center in Orlando, there is a dazzling display of how life came about, popping up from a single cell in the oceans’ pure chance-plus-time evolution. Why does it go to Hong Kong and respect local religions and then hit Christians in the face back home?

Disney has been resistant to all of the Christian protests about ‘Gay Days’ at its so-called family parks. And it has produced movies that are blasphemous, so much so that Southern Baptists have boycotted Disney World.

“So to Christians in this country Disney says, ‘In your face. We’re not going to pay any attention to you.’ But for Disneyland in Hong Kong , it redesigns the whole theme park ‘to ensure prosperity’ based on a kooky Eastern fad…”

We do have the similar, goofy feng shui-like approaches to construction here too — many buildings here still don’t have a 13th floor, and triskaidekaphobia’s roots are Christian…

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