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Smarties, Eh!

Photo: A pack of 'Smarties, Eh!'

Whenever I travel down to the US, I sometimes get “caught” using the

quintessential Canadian expression “Eh?” The expression is so linked

with the stereotypical Canadian image — lumberjack shirt, toque (and

according to South Park, beady little eyes and flapping heads) — that Wendy couldn’t stop laughing when she heard some goths on Queen Street use the word.

Now, according to BlogTO, one of Accordion City’s local-happenings blogs…

Smarties, the candy-coated chocolate candy that has been winning over

Canadians (and Americans with peanut allergies ’cause M&M’s aren’t

peanut free) are finally showing their true colours.


Eh” is a limited edition release of the candy where the pieces are red

& white with little maple leaves stamped on.

As we say in rural Canada: Give ‘er!

4 replies on “Smarties, Eh!”

Y’know, if these were red, white, and blue, with stars and stripes, they’d be entirely obnoxious and no more ridiculous than freedom fries. But they’re not! O Canada!

Some people would think that red, white and blue M&M’s would be ridiculous, but not me. The tastefulness of flying one’s flag, whether it be for country, club or even country club, is not a yes-no thing, but a matter of degree.

Besides, one of my favourite shirts has the stars and stripes occupying the entire back. It’s a big hit in New York…

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