It Happened to Me

Apologies to Penguicon

I spent most of this weekend alternating between a groggy wakeful state

and passed out in bed. I felt pretty out-of-it on Friday evening and

decided that it might be best to sit out my burlesque-dancing friend Penny Whistleton’s birthday party seeing as I was driving to Detroit to attend Penguicon the next day.

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a bit better. I joined my friends George

and Leesh, their son Henry and Leesh’s parents Gerry and Allison for

Dim Sum lunch after which I planned to mosey on down to Motor City. I

began spacing out about halfway through lunch and soon went home

afterwards, where I passed out until about 8 p.m., well after my

schedule departure time.

After trying to see if there was a chance that anyone would drive me in

my car to Detroit — hey, I’d do it if I was free and  someone

asked me — it was clear that I wasn’t going to make it. I gave Bill,

one of the organizers, a call and sent my regrets, and he was quite

nice about it. A couple of days later, another one of the organizers,

Matt Arnold, IM’d me just to say hi.

I’d like to send my sincerest apologies to Penguicon. I was honoured to

be invited as a “Nifty Guest”, the enthusiasm with which my

presentation suggestion was received was flattering and the way with

with you took my cancelleation was very gracious. Thanks for being so


Cory tells me that it was a fun conference, and extremely nerdy. (Yes, “nerdy” is a good thing in our books.)

(Penguicon organizers: Keep watching your mailbox. A package of Tucows swag is headed your way.)

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