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See You at Penguicon!

Starting tomorrow evening, I’ll be at Penguicon, a convention for both Linux and science fiction enthusiasts…

Graphic: Pengucon 3.0 logo.

AT Penguicon, I will be a “Nifty Guest” as well as a speaker, where I will be presenting the following talk:

Interactive Fiction: Down and Out in the Grue Kingdom

Sun 2:00 to 3:00 pm


Interactive Fiction, also known as “IF” and formerly known as “text

adventure games”, has a history spanning over 30 years and thrives even

in this day of console games. If you are (or hope to be) a game

developer, an author, or both, join us as we show you how to develop IF

using the Inform programming language. We’ll implement a game/interactive story based on a scene from Cory Doctorow’s “Down and

Out in the Magic Kingdom”.


I’m shamelessly borrowing some of Cory’s mojo to get people to come to

my talk. You gotta understand — I’m scheduled at the same time as the Tron Guy.

In addition to making the presentation and quite probably playing the

accordion, I have secured a small number of Tucows T-shirts and the

coveted SquishyCows™ (a herd of which you can see here). I’ll give ’em away at the presentation.

P.S. I’m driving from Toronto to Novi, which is just outside Detroit. Anyone who wants a lift, let me know…

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