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A Nation Gathers Around the Tube

Outside of a high school prom, one doesn’t often see a guy in a suit begging like this…

Photo: Still from Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's address to the nation.

Paul Martin, for your performance, I hereby crown you the Prom King. If you’ll kindly stand with the sheltered telekinetic Prom Queen under the bucket of blood, we can get rolling…

If you missed last night’s address, you’re lucky that we live in the age of the Internet. Someone’s posted it at BlogMatrix, who provide both podcasting software and hosted space for your podcasts. Click the photo above to see the video.

(BlogMatrix is developed by my friend David Janes, and the BlogMatrix dudes were the raucous table at Tuesday night’s Podcaster Gathering.)

I was impressed by the skullduggery of the leader of the Loyal

Opposition and the Reeeeeeefoooooooorrrrrrrrmmmmmmm-party-in-disguise,

Stephen Harper. He rightly pointed out that Paul Martin called for an

election last year at a time conveniently before any of the facts about

the scandal would come out — but he did so in the service of calling

for an election before the results of the inquiry come out. Mind you,

were I in his shoes, I’d have done the same thing, possibly topping it

off with my favourite line from Superman: “Son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod.”

Mr. Harper, you get the Machiavellian of the Week award.

As for NDP leader Jack Layton, you get the “God, he reminds me of

Reverend Lovejoy’s wife!” award. Of all the speakers last night, you

made the best points in your speech, sir, but I kept expecting you to

start screeching “Won’t somebody please think about the children?”

(In some bizarre coincidence, one “sean incognito” at BlogsCanada’s e-Group says almost the same thing.)

Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois are not contenders for my vote in

the least. Politically, I view them in the same light as this one girl

I had a dalliance with: sexy accent, fond of chain-smoking and kink, best ignored.

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I have been waiting for someone to point out that Stephen Harper does not have Prime Ministerial hair. There, I did it.

I can’t believe you agree with me. I don’t know what the deal with Stephen Harper is (Ok, I have a pretty good idea), but his hair is just bad bad bad. It leaves you wondering if it’s a toupe or not.

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