Podcasting Dinner Tomorrow!

…and it looks like lots of people will be there, including a number of Tucows folks (including Blogware product managers Kim and Rahat). It’ll be at the Lone Star Grill on Front Street tomorrow at 8 p.m.; see Ross’ blog entry for details.

One reply on “Podcasting Dinner Tomorrow!”

hey accordion guy…the other night I was at a friend’s place for dinner, and the other guests were a couple named Kevin and June….when I mentioned I maintain a tiny spec in the blogosphere over at mister anchovy, they told me they were friends of yours – Kevin says hi…he thought you might be interested in an upcoming art exhibition I’m involved with: Big Show. cheers. mister anchovy

ps….I play Portuguese music on a 3 row Corona II…also play some piano accordion (poorly, but learning)

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