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Ann Coulter has Officially Jumped the Shark

If you are a reasonably intelligent person who has a little more

ambition in life than to just mark time and collect your bi-weekly

paycheque (or, as the case may be, monthly welfare cheque), “news” that

is generally — and often breathlessly — covered in Time magazine should be old hat to you. A journalist friend of mine who’s written for Time magazine came up with my favourite phrase to describe its preferred reporting style: sustained obviousness.

Inspired by this fact and so-looney-she-makes-The Shotgun-seem-sane

Ann Coulter’s appearance on the current issue, someone came up with the

parody shown below. You can click on the picture to see the graphic in

full size.

Photo: Parody of 'Time' magazine cover featuring Ann Coulter.

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Ha, the woman is all about the sound bite. Her comment (on TV a while ago) that Canada should be grateful to the U.S. for allowing Canada to remain on the same continent as the U.S. and remain a separate nation, at first drew outrage, which was quickly replaced by the realization that she really does not know what she is talking about. With Canada as the U.S.’ largest trade partner, perhaps she should thank Canada for sustaining the hurting U.S. economy and preventing it from falling deeper into depression. Now, if Canada decided to trade in Euro instead of U.S. dollars, or import the majority of our U.S. imported goods from elsewhere, then we’d probably be invaded.

— Lil

Ah, WorldNetDaily, where the motto is “Guess what: I got a headache, and the only prescription is MORE TINFOIL!”

Good link, though. Thanks, Richard!

I can’t stand the woman and Time is definitely on the dull edge of things, but I don’t think this means the Conservative Movement is about over with.

Time is not for trendspotters (I think Time will soon have a feature on those preppy boatshoes I keep hearing about), but I fear this particular trend may have some legs yet, even if Coulter herself doesn’t.

Hey, Memer!

Conservatism still has lots of “legs” left — this is the reverse swing of the pendulum from the post-Reagan era. I think Time was pretty clow on picking up on the whole Ann Coulter phenomenon. Whoever did the Photoshopped Time cover indulged in a little wishful thinking when it came to making the caption.

Truth be told, I don’t think that conservatism in and of itself is bad. I know from having attended University from 1987 to 1994 and worked among the creative class afterwards that there is also a damned lot of idiocy coming from the left as well. As the spiritual heir of the great Ferris Bueller, I make friends with people from all over the spectrum.

Hence my tendency to register as “centrist” on most political litmus tests and “realist” on the Christian Science Monitor’s Are You a Neoconservative? quiz.

Well, I’ll be Cameron Frye to your Ferris, AG. And I, too, have developed enough arse-callouses to comfortably ride the fence for long stretches. Tho I have always tended to lean lefty in most cases, I am on the daily becoming acutely aware that there is something to the “looney left” charge.

This is very true to form for liberals – Somebody points clearly and compellingly to any shortcoming (in Coulter’s case, numerous ones

(i.e., – no ideas regarding the ongoing war but to assist the enemy in it, demanding we quit – creating or hyping scandal and blaming it on Bush; – no ideas on the economy but to assign blame — that is, those precious times when there is something to blame on somebody–; -in short: no substantive opposition on any issue of import but categorical platitude)

— and so naturally, libs attack them on a personal level with this sort of thing. That’s why so many good people aren’t in politics (like: Colin Powell — who would NEVER be a Democrat!)

Dems specifically clearly care nothing about people in any real or practical terms. The Democrat Party is what is truly done, I should think. No kidding. Your last good idea was to go to Vietnam in forec and to defeat Communism (Senator John Kennedy).

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