So Bad It’s Great: Video of Tommy Seebach’s "Apache"

Photo: Still from Tommy Seebach's video for 'Apache'.

“Who knew that Steve Buscemi played keyboard in the seventies?”

After showing the video of Tommy Seebach’s cover of The Shadows’

surf-guitar-twang classic Apache to my friend, he looked at me and

said “I will never feel like a loser again.” How many videos can claim

to have such self-esteem boosting power? Watch it now!

You can either watch it on the web:

or download it to your computer:

If the tune sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re familiar with the version done by Michael Vines’ Incredible Bongo Band. It’s used as the music for the title sequence of the movie Snatch and as the first track of Fatboy Slim’s excellent DJ mix album On the Floor at the Boutique.

Photo: Still from Tommy Seebach's video for 'Apache'.

Oooooh yeah.

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I was familiar with the original “Apache” by The Ventures (mmmmm, surf guitar) but my favorite cover is acoustic, by the California Guitar Trio.

Oh my goodness, I’m a lot cooler than I thought I was… thank you for the affirmation


Hey, don’t diss the late Tommy Seebach. He’s one of the greatest Danish stars, but sadly he died of a heart attack a couple of years ago.

That was literally one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years. I think it could be marketed as a substitute for prosac.

we watched that at our lanparty and we were all watching it over and over again 🙂

My bud and I were shooting for a record by trying to watch it from 12 oclock till 5pm when we were leaving work. Our boss acted like an ass and confronted us saying it’s not appropriate for the work environment. Now we happen to work on the service level (aka basement) and nobody ever goes to our shop that would care about this 1970ish video. What an ass.

This had to be the best video ever. It was funny, but best of all, the song is actually quite good. The tall pale brunette kicked ass in the looks department too.

Best part is when the very tanned faux indian chick pokes him in the eye and he points to her like WTF?

UK multimedia act Hexstatic played this video at a recent festival (Splore) in New Zealand. The crowd went wild! They also played Ren & Stimpy’s Happy Happy Joy Joy song – truly a mashed up monstrosity of a set. 🙂

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