It Happened to Me Music

Happy Easter!

Photo: 'Buddy Christ' from 'Dogma'.

He’s back from the dead and ready to par-tay!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Among other things, Easter in my family also means brunch at the

Boulevard Club, which includes among its attractions someone in a

Easter Bunny suit to hand out candy to the kids. Here are reviews of

the Easter Bunny by my two nephews, Aidan and Nicholas:

  • Aidan (age 3 1/2): The Easter Bunny is my fwiend! He has chocolate eggs! Can I have a chocolate egg, please, Mr. Easter Bunny!
  • Nico (age 2 years less 1 month): Eight foot tall rodent — coming straight for me! Mommy! WAAAAAH!


celebrate Easter, I’m sharing the most rockin’-yet-apropos song in my

iTunes Library: AC/DC’s classic, Back in Black. Better yet, three

versions of the song:

Enjoy, and rock on!

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