It Happened to Me

And Now, a Letter from the Editor…

From the look of it, this is going to be one of those years that I’ll

look back upon and say “Whoa, I was pretty busy back then!”. Hence the

shortage of more personal “Hey, look at what I did” entries. It’s not

that I haven’t been up to interesting stuff; it’s just that those

entries take the most time and energy, and those are at a premium. I

find it far, far easier and quicker to write op-ed entries and point

you to interesting things on both the web and in real life. I plan to

get back to writing some “It Happened to Me” stories soon, but in the

meantime, I hope you’re still enjoying the sort of posts I’ve been

making of late.

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Lots of thoughts ran through my head when I read this post and I would write them but I really don’t want the world to see them; the conclusion to which I came is that we are totally well-matched.


Yeah, I’m misusing the term the way it’s popularly misused (for those readers who aren’t familiar with newspaper terms, “op-ed” is derived from “OPposite the EDitorial page”; it’s just that these pieces tend to be personal opinions). Sort of like “gentle learning curve”, which I sometimes use when I know that the audience isn’t mathematically inclined.

Why perpetuate the misuse? What’s next, misusing “it’s”? Aim higher, AG!

Oh, don’t mind me. I just have a something up my whatnot today.

Love your blog. Keep writing.

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