And Here I Thought It Was a Contradiction in Terms

Kirrily “Skud” Robert has started a blog on a little-covered but much-needed area of discussion: Geek Etiquette.

Kudos, Kirrily!

Photo: T-shirt with rude integral.

A free giant Santa “Pez” dispenser to the first person who can tell me in the comments why this T-shirt is rude.

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And I was just about to post the answer! ARGHHH!!! WHY DO I ALWAYS FAIL? I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE…

I mean, Congratulations Darryl!


Whew! Right there with you, Richard.

I mean, I have a degree in aerospace engineering (now 10 years old and completely unused)…

Nitpick here. I think technically the post did not “explain why the t-shirt is rude”, and so shouldn’t get the prize. What I mean is it didn’t explain to us non-math types what the meaning of the statement was. [i.e. that it’s an example of integral notation, invented by Leibniz IIRC, which given the inputs evaluates to 13^2 – 10^2, which equals 69, which is a slang reference to a sexual position.] If you’re going to lord over us ignorant types, at least have the courtesy to explain the joke.

I was going to explain the joke, when I had a moment. It’s a matter of scheduling, not lording.

As for whether Darryl’s answer was a qualifying one, I’m not going to nitpick a la Jeopardy (“Correct, but you didn’t phrase it as a question!”). By the bye, Darryl doesn’t know any calculus — he just made an educated guess.

Well! We wondered why we’d suddenly gotten a spate of orders for that shirt. Then a friend mentioned having seen this post, and sent me the link. Thanks for the PR!

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