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Happy 40th, Canadian Flag!

Photo: The Canadian Flag.

It’s easy to forget that while Canada is one hundred years older than I am (Confederation took place in 1867, I was born in 1967), our flag is less than three years my senior. For forty years, it’s been the symbol of a great place to live, synonymous with hockey, highly regarded by vexillologists (it gets high marks for its clean, clear design) and a protective disguise that young Americans sew on their backpacks while travelling through Europe and Asia.

Happy 40th, Canadian Flag!

Here’s more on the flag:

5 replies on “Happy 40th, Canadian Flag!”

There’s something about that maple leaf that’s somehow more gentle and still more powerful than all the stars and stripes we’ve got on our flag….

Whooee! I’m with you, CordeenFeller, an’ it makes me sorta stand up tall with pride when I see that there red maple leaf a flutterin’ in the breeze. I was over t’ ol’ RobertyBob’s boog an’ there’s a feller there sez this here maple leaf is a sign o’ “meaningless nationalism”. I give that feller proper whatfor fer sayin’ such a dumbass thing.

I”m new in this here Canajun boogeysphere an I got me my own little boog called JimBobby Sez. I’d be mighty pleased if you was t’ drop by an’ pay me a little visit. I got you onto my boogroll already.

Yores trooly,


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