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PyGTA Meeting Tonight

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Accordion City Geek Alert: Please note that this entry will be of interest to you if and only if:

  • You live in Toronto
  • You have an interest in the Python programming language

PyGTA, the Greater Toronto Area Python Group, is meeting tonight at the Givex offices (366 Adelaide Street West,

just east of Spadina). The meeting runs from 7 to 9 p.m. and will be

followed by the usual pub gathering, but at a new pub as the usual

hangout, The Charlotte Room, has closed its doors forever.

Tonight’s speaker is Dr. Greg Ross from the University of Toronto; his topic is Using Python in Undergraduate Education. Dr. Ross is the recipient of the largest of the first three grants ever to be awarded by the Python Software Foundation for his proposal, titled Software Engineering with Python for Scientists and Engineers. Hopefully, he’ll talk about this proposal as well

Catspaw tells me that he’s a

pretty cool prof, and oh, how I wish Python was one of the languages we

could’ve used for our assignments back at Crazy Go Nuts University.

I’m sure there will also be some discussion about the upcoming PyCon conference. I’m thinking about going this year.

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