It Happened to Me

In Response to the Question About Tucows’ Breakout Year

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On January 11th, I wrote about how had listed my employer, Tucows, Inc. as one of its Top Five Internet Stock Picks for 2005. One of the main points of its analysis what that 2005 might be a breakout year for Tucows.

In response, an anonymous reader asked in the comments:

If 2005 is a breakout year, what is Tucows doing to justify the breakout? Just curious.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a trick question posed by

Tucows’ Legal department to see if I’d leak insider information. Nice

try, ambulance-chasers!

But seriously: rather than speak about what Tucows is doing to justify

the breakout, let me very concisely say what I am doing as Tucows’

Technical Community Development Coordinator, a one-man task force

within the Research and Innovation Department with a fair bit of

autonomy, influence and chutzpah:

Working very, very, very, very hard.

How hard?

Hard like diamonds.

Hard like Shaft.

Hard like Chinese Math.

Just watch the Tucows blogs I write — The Farm and IndieGameDev — for some of the results.

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