Downloads for Your Mobile Phone From Tucows

Photo: Mobile phone with Ross' face in the display.

The “Boss Ross” wallpaper isn’t available…yet! Image courtesy of

The company where I work — Tucows — has launched a “Mobile Phone

Content Library”. Simply put, it’s a place where you can download

ringtones, wallpapers and games for your mobile phone.

Here’s the text of the official press release:

TORONTO, CANADA, 15 December, 2004 — Tucows Inc. (OTCBB:TCOW), today announced the launch of a new content library for mobile phones at  The company is working with Mediaplazza, part of the Jet Multimedia Group.  Mediaplazza provides a leading platform with mobile content, such as ring tones, cell phone games and wallpaper.


“We are very excited about the launch of our second new library this year,” said Elliot Noss,

President and CEO Tucows Inc.  “Our download customers rely on

Tucows to be their best source of specialty and leading edge tools for

their computing and personal devices and this library will service the

exploding market for mobile content.”


“Tucows is a great client to have. They have a unique relationship with

Internet Service Providers around the world.  This new agreement

will increase the availability of our tools to cell phone users

worldwide,” commented Marc-Antoine Ross, Country Manager of MediaPlazza

North America.


Tucows chose to work with Mediaplazza because they have developed

partnerships with large companies and their platform is connected to

more than 122 telecom operators.


“We are pleased to have Mediaplazza’s mobile phone tools distributed

via the Tucows website. They have a powerful international web presence

and we at MediaPlazza like to consider ourselves citizens of the

world,” said Eric Gautier, Owner of MediaPlazza, part of the Jet

Multimedia Group.

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