It Happened to Me

Your Good Thoughts and Prayers Would Be Appreciated

Dad wound up in the hospital at the start of the week. Despite the fact

that his donor kidney failed earlier this year, he still has to take

immunospuppresant drugs to keep from rejecting it (I’m told it’s bad to

remove it even though it no longer works). Unfortunately, that leaves

him open to a number of germs that most of us would shrug off. He

contracted some kind of lung infection and showed really bad fever

symptoms, which led to his being taken to the hospital.

Back in 1999, a few months before my sister’s wedding, Dad got very

ill, and a good chunk of what kept the ol’ warhorse going was my sister

saying “I’ll be very sad if you’re not at my wedding.” Following the

same tack, when I visited him in the coronary care unit last night, I

got him sitting up and conversing lively with talk about

how Chanukah with Wendy’s family went (the latkes were delicious, they really made me feel like part of the family and I

made out like a bandit, present-wise) and various wedding plans.

The silver lining in the could is that Dad’s condition inspires me to keep working out and eating right.

I’m going to drop by this afternoon and leave him his favourite light reading: People and US magazine. Dad’s a great guy, but his taste in reading material is atrocious.

Once again, if you have any prayers, good thoughts (or if any of you Feng Shui types want to move the coffee table a couple of inches for his sake), they’d be appreciated.

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As always, positive thoughts from Chicago. And just in case, I’ll move the coffee table over a couple inches.

I’m sending good karma to your Dad through whatever karma gods are listening… and don’t you dare make fun of him for reading People and Us. Those publications are made for situations such as hospital stays. I have a degree in English Lit and am a published author, but when I have the flu I want Chicken & Stars soup and The National Enquirer. It always makes me feel better. If People does it for your Dad, I say, Go, People!

Yo Joey,

That sucks. I’m pretty well sure The big guy up there would raise an eyebrow if I started praying again, but I’ll relay to my family, of which I’m sure my mom would pray for at least 50 people. Take care


Oh, gosh, I remember how anxious and scared I was when my Dad was in the hospital for a few days. Everything worked out remarkably well, I am thankful to say.

You have my best wishes and good thoughts for your Dad.


Mental Hugs coming your way…


May the gods of the interweb bless you with fantastic karma from here on out.

We’ll rev up the prayers and votive candles, Joey — I’m counting on meeting your dad next September.

Sending prayers and good thoughts with all the force and faith a tiny native american woman can muster.


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