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This Saturday in Dundas Square: World’s Largest Poutine!

Photo: A dish of poutine.

Poutine makes the Baby Atkins cry!

The X, an afterschool TV show on the CBC will be hosting an event at Accordion City’s Dundas Square (our half-done Times Square wanna-be), where they will make the world’s largest poutine. The event will take place this Saturday, December 11th, between 2 and 4 p.m..

New York Fries (strangely enough, a company headquartered here in Accordion City) will provide 700 pounds of poutine. You can get some as long as you bring a non-perishable food item for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

For those of you not familiar with this French Canadian signature dish, poutine is made of french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy. Back during my time at Crazy Go Nuts University,

I would enjoy this on cold winter nights after an evening’s debauchery.

Poutine and a lot of water is a tried-and-true hangover preventative

(aside, of course, the no-fun option of not drinking).

6 replies on “This Saturday in Dundas Square: World’s Largest Poutine!”

Oddly enough, “poutine” is similar in sound to “poutin”, which is French for whore. In a suitably dodgy restaurant, you have to be very careful of your pronunciation. You wouldn’t want to get a whore when you order fries with cheese and gravy, or vice versa. Or, if you’re in a place with deeply confused waitstaff, you might end up getting a whore with cheese and gravy.

— Lara

D’oh! that was supposed to be a reply to Cynthia’s comment that “poutine” sounds dirty. Colour me embarassed.

— Lara

Poutine is NOT served in a flat dish. It is traditionally served in a paper bag or, more commonly, in the modern styrofoam cup. There has to be layering of cheese too – you can’t just dump in fries, throw some cheese on top, and pour on a bit of gravy.

I’ve never had even a passable poutine in Accordion City (granted it’s a big city and someone, somewhere probably makes one). I hope the World’s Largest Poutine proves otherwise.

Curmudgeonry aside, Poutine is one of the few foods we can truly call a Canadian dish. We should be proud 🙂

In Mexico “putin” (same pronunciation as poutine) means something like “faggot”. Each and every Mexican that comes upon the word poutine when they come to Canada, usually laughs at the coincidence.

I guess the American version — pardon me! the United States version — would be — whoops! pardon me again! the Sorta, Kinda, Since The Election, Semi-United States version would be — Chile Cheese Fries. Or Frito Pie, which is chile and cheese over industrially processed corn chips.

— Bruce A.

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