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In Transit

I’m going to Boston tonight, which means that it’s time to pull out my traditional “going to Boston” photo:

Photo: Fried Dough cart near Boston's Copley Square.

“Pahhk the cahh in Hahhvahhd Yahhd and get me some frahhhd dough. It’s wicked frahhhd.”

More accurately, I’m going to be in the People’s Republic of Cambridge — this evening, catching up with my lovely fiancee and catching the opening debate between a Republican campaigner and Democrat campainger (more details in the second half of this post) at Harvard’s Internet + Society 2004 Conference: “Votes, Bits and Bytes”.

This conference, where the intersection of the internet, civics and

politics will be discussed in depth, and I expect the level of

discourse to be better than this:

Comic: Life in These United Soviet States.

Click the comic to see it at full size.

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Did you know you can also get fried dough at the Exhibition? I went last summer with some friends, and had the same conversation I had when I first encountered this delicacy outside the Red Sox stadium many years ago:

“What’s that?”

“Fried dough.”

“Fried dough? I mean, what *is* it?”

“Um, it’s fried dough. Haven’t you ever had it? It’s really good.”

Um, no, it’s not.

I’d email this to you, but I can’t seem to find your address anywhere. Anyhow, found a good editorial cartoon for you, Joey:

Enjoy your time in Cambridge. Makes me homesick to hear that you’re going there…

~~Charles no longer by the Charles

cdstarrett can-be-reached-at yahoo punctuation-mark com

Whenever I think of the Boston accent, I can’t help but think of JFK from Clone High. “I, er uh, want uh ehhh errr uh, paahhhhty puhlaaahhhhtah!”

That comic was created by this person:

It got tracked-back a lot, so it must just be floating around out there on the World Wide Web without attribution, because I’m sure you (or anyone) wouldn’t post it without giving credit where its due if possible, right?

I would have thought that the “by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross” on top of the cartoon was a dead giveaway that Joey didn’t make it.

— Lara

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross made the artwork, yes, but the dialog was changed by someone else.


Ah, the things I miss when I go offline for a day! Hello from Harvard, where I seem to have trouble accessing the WiFi network! I’m at the Berkman Center, where Wendy works, making a quick check of my email.

Some notes on the discussion above:

1. I figured that “Elizabeth Kubler-Ross” would be suffiecient credit.

2. I grabbed the image from FilePile. It wasn’t annotated and I had no idea that it had been altered from the original.

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