The Real Party That Matters…

…isn’t the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or Nader’s party,

but my birthday/engagement party, happening this Saturday. If you’re in

town, let me know if you’d like to attend.

Maybe I should make attendees sign a party oath before letting them in:

I, [state your name], do solemnly swear to party hearty tonight, ooh and ahh at Wendy’s engagement ring, smoke outside and not use Joey’s towels as boot and shoe mats.

One reply on “The Real Party That Matters…”

Or, you could ooh and aah at the towels and promise not to wipe your shoes on my engagement ring? Party outside and smoke hearty? No, don’t smoke hearty.

I just feel all upside down today is all. But Saturday will be much fun and I look forward to meeting lots of you.

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