Weblog Etiquette

If you comment in my blog and stick advertising in it, your comment will be deleted.

I don’t mind if you plug your company if it’s on-topic. For example, if

I were to comment on restaurants in Toronto, it would be perfectly

acceptable for post a comment and say “Hey, check out my restaurant!”

However, it is not acceptable for you to comment to the same article

and link to a site for financing a housing purchase. That’s spam, and

it will be terminated with extreme prejudice.

3 replies on “Weblog Etiquette”

Trust the spammers to come up with some bizarre justification. “Becuase you eat, and because you have to live somewhere, you can use our product!”


-Ontario Emperor

I think I might have gotten the same ones overnight – their IP is now blocked (thanks to the non-technical nature of Blogware)

The temptation to put a Spam message in here for a good Spam killer is almost overwhelming.

— Lara

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