Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

Homecoming 2004

I’d been so busy over the past few weeks, what with Wendy’s birthday

and our engagement, that I hadn’t given any thought to attending

homecoming at Crazy Go Nuts University,

which took place this past weekend. On Saturday night at about 6 p.m.,

I went “Oh, what the hell,” threw my accordion into the car, ran a

couple of last minute errands and motorbootied down to Kingston.

A couple of hours later, I pulled into town, where I joined Eldon and

the gang from Science ’94, after which we went to the student ghetto to

check out the street party taking place on Aberdeen street. It turned

out to be a four-block long bacchanal, with the street blocked off from

traffic and packed with people. People began to yell “play something on

that accordion!” (one guy mistakenly called it a “banjo”), I broke out

the rock and roll, and that’s when the fun began. I snapped a few

photos and Eldon snapped more while I played; you can see them in album or slideshow format.

Photo: Me playing accordion for the students at the Crazy Go Nuts University homecoming street party.

The accordion: social hardware!

The crowd joined in and sang along. There are two videos you can check out:

Every other person seemed to have a digital camera, a

technology that wasn’t readily available during my years there (1987

through 1994). A zillion flashes went off in my face, and I spent half

my time playing “snowblind” and feeling the keys.

I was surprised to find that a number of the students, perhaps ten or so,

came up to me and said, “Hey Accordion Guy! I read your blog!” One girl

clung to my sleeve and tried to drag me to a party until her friend came up

to her and said “Don’t hit on the Accordion Guy! I read he’s engaged!”

Who needs social software when you have a blog and an accordion?

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I SOOO want to send that pic to and say “Photoshop this!” — your grin is priceless

ah well. i know that a few of the staffers read your blog, and i do as well every once in a while, so it would have been nice for everyone to meet. a few of the older alum dropped by to see how things have changed.

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