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The Birthday/Engagement Party: The Announcement!

It’s almost that time. The legendary Joey deVilla birthday party

returns, now enriched with an extra reason to celebrate: my engagement!

Here’s the basic info:

  • The Date: Saturday, November 6th, 2004
  • The Place: Big Trouble in Little China (a.k.a. my house)
  • The Time: 8:39 p.m. (derived from “When does it start?” “Oh, eight-thirty, nine…”)
  • How Old I’m Turning: Thirty-seven, and proud of it!
  • What They’re Like: Check out my 35th birthday party (2002) [album format | slideshow format ] and 36th birthday party in the hot tub (2003) [album format | slideshow format ]

A number of people of asked me, so I’ll state it here: as much as

I would love to have Neil’s wonderful hot tub on a truck back, if my

neighbours from across the street even see

that truck coming down the street, they’re going to call the cops on

me. Besides, seeing Eldon in a Speedo should be a once-in-lifetime

event for anyone. (There is a story about what happened when the cops

showed up last year, and I will tell it soon.)

At the 2001, 2002 and 2003 parties, I have been accosted by one of my lovely female guests (here’s the 2003 story). Since this is also an engagement party and since my lovely fiancee

will be there, this streak is likely to be broken. It was fun while it

lasted, but as an older, wiser gentleman (stop snickering, you!) it’s

time to move on.

Want more details about the party? Contact me.

4 replies on “The Birthday/Engagement Party: The Announcement!”

Joey, you got it all wrong. You will still be accosted by one of your lovely female guests. It just had better be Wendy this year 😉

Grant is right. And since, as a fiancee, she is “committed, attached or unavailable-in-some-way-or-another,” your streak is sure to continue. And when she becomes a married woman, oh boy, look out!


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