Deep Thought on This Engagement Thing #1

Just as I’m going to trade in bachelorhood for the married life, there’s a guy on Craigslist who’s ready to do some moving on of his own [Warning: Picture with butt-cheeks — might not be safe for work].

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I’ve noticed that, in the past, you’ve warned people about pages that might be problematic if they were to view them at their place of work. Depending on where you work (not necessarily here, though I could be wrong), this might be one of those pages.

Good laugh, though…

D’oh! (slaps forehead)

When I posted this, I kept reminding myself “Don’t forget the NSFW [not safe for work] warning”. I’ll fix this.

Sort of. The chaps that you wear for actual horseback riding are made of work leather and a little looser to allow you to wear jeans under them.

“Assless chaps” are made of fashion leather and are tighter becuase you’re not supposed to wear pants under them. They also facilitate bareback riding of a different kind.

I know this becuase I used to be the wingman for a guy who frequented a notorious little dive called “The Toolbox”.

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