Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

Yes, I’ve Heard

Photo: Roland Fr-7 V-Accordion.

A number of you have informed me that the gadget blog Endgadget posted an article on the Roland digital accordion yesterday. This is great news for me because:

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Yes, but no one has pointed out than an accordion which takes headphones could be a real *marriage saver* for you, Joey. Perhaps it should go on the registry… 😉 I can’t tell you what a blessing having an electronic bagpipe practice chanter has been.

~Charles no longer by the Charles

The amazing thing – the really, really amazing thing – is that you don’t own one of these things yet.

Put it on the wedding registry – by all means. But keep in mind that you’re only likely to get it if a)the Redhead takes up the accordion, too and b)Bill Gates is invited.

Hell, man, if I’d won the lottery I’d have one to you by the next Fed-X, but fortune isn’t so kind.

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