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Lemony Snicket on Politics and the Accordion

[via Eldon Brown] Daniel Handler (whom most of us know by his nom de plume, Lemony Snicket, author of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books) has used an accordion as a prop during his reading to comment on America’s actions abroad:

“I think if you’re writing books on an evil, shadowy conspiracy

surrounding innocent people, sooner or later you get to talking about

politics,” he quips.

At a reading the next evening on the Upper West Side packed with

hundreds of screaming kids and their parents, Handler’s politics will

flare obliquely again when he straps on an accordion and says

instructively, “The accordion has been around for hundreds of years,

and hated by thousands of people. Why do we hate things? Sometimes

because of a cruel and inhuman foreign policy.”

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I saw a tonne of Lemony Snicket books at the Chapters in Guelph the other day. I was intrigued but didn’t purchase any though. I had never heard about them before. It’s funny when you see or hear of something new, you see and hear about it again the same day or a couple of days later. Weird. It happens to me all the time too. :\

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